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EatWell Engages With the Community to Develop New Leads at the CommonWealth Kitchen Food Show

On June 9th, EatWell had the privilege of participating in the CommonWealth Kitchen food show. The event doubled as a trade show and food festival, with the festival occurring directly after the trade show. It featured 90 local businesses displaying delicious and creative foods and products. There were over 600 attendees for the trade show and the festival. This event allowed members and alumni of CommonWealth Kitchen to network with vendors and the public. EatWell took advantage of this event to spread the word about our mission. At the event, we spoke with several individuals involved in healthcare or a related field. All of these people understood the problem of food security and resonated with EatWell’s behavior change focused approach to addressing it. Eager to learn more, these new connections exchanged info with us to explore the possibilities for new programs. Overall, this event was a success for EatWell and gave us numerous leads for starting new programs and getting more meal kits out to people in need.