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How are you treating your patients with diabetes and food insecurity?

1 in 3 patients with diabetes experiences food insecurity. Compared to their food secure counterparts, they are:

  • 450% more likely to utilize emergency department services
  • 50% more likely to have poor glucose control
  • 30% higher in healthcare costs

Treating food insecurity needs to be done sustainably, in a way that empowers people with diabetes to maintain healthy habits beyond the life of a benefit.

This requires addressing the social determinants of health that give rise to food insecurity, like food access and healthy cooking knowledge. Healthy food must be:

Affordable & Accessible

Healthy food is more expensive and many communities lack nutritious offerings.

Quick & Easy

Some people have limited healthy cooking knowledge, and cooking dinner needs to fit into daily life.

Culturally Relevant & Tasty

Recipes are designed by a Michelin-trained chef to meet

Solution & features

EatWell equips health insurers to treat patients with diabetes and food insecurity with Food is Medicine meal kits

Complete with all the ingredients needed for a nutritious meal and paired with a 30-minute

recipe and supporting education, EatWell’s meal kits meet the needs of payors and patients:


Culturally-competent nutrition

Recipes designed by a Michelin-trained chef to meet dietary standards, based on taste preference of the communities we serve.


Existing benefit prescription

Meal kits can be covered by most insurances and are easily accessible to eligible patients by contracting directly with EatWell via partnerships@eatwellmealkits.com


Hands-on behavior change

Patients build healthy habits that keep them cooking with how-to videos on EatWell's education platform.

By equipping patients with a prescription meal kit that addresses food security and social determinants, while leveraging a learn-to-fish approach, Payors can improve health outcomes and reduce risk for their food insecure diabetic population.

How it works

EatWell’s Food is Medicine meal kit service enables payors to prescribe meal kits

to eligible members, enrolling them in weekly delivery programs.

1. Program Design

Health insurers or provider systems contract with EatWell to design a meal kit program to meet their population’s needs.

2. Patient Enrollment

Client enrolls patients into EatWell program .

3. Cook and Eat

Patients receive meal kits and education delivered directly to to their door to cook nutritious and delicious meals.

4. Impact Tracking

Clients receive analytics reports on population health improvement and cost savings projections.

The EatWell Difference

EatWell stands out with our innovative learn to fish approach, providing affordable, nutritious food alongside skill-building education to drive sustainable behavior change. EatWell’s Community Kitchen platform engages patients through experiential learning, offering an interactive experience making learning and applying knowledge easy and practical.


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Click here to learn more about how EatWell Community Kitchen can help patients develop the skills, confidence, and motivation they need to cook healthy meals long-term.



meals served

4 out of 5 patients

are satisfied with the taste and flavor of the recipes

3 out of 4 EatWell patients

agree that meal kits improved their overall health


Establishing the access to nutritional foods for our most at risk clients was a goal that has been well exceeded and managed by EatWell.

Brittany B Program manager, Harbor Health

We are excited to continue growing our partnership with EatWell to expand C3's Flexible Services nutrition program offerings.

Flexible services manager Community Care Cooperative

I don't have to worry when my food that I get with my food stamps runs out. I know I won't go hungry anymore. I used to go grocery shopping for 2 weeks just to wait for my food stamps to come or longer. You have made a big difference. God bless you always. Amen!

“The doctor gave me a list of healthy foods…. I didn't know how to cook them. EatWell taught me how to choose healthy foods and cook with them!

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