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We believe wholesome food changes lives. EatWell creates prescription meal kits to treat food insecurity, prevent diabetes, and reduce healthcare spending.


Since its foundation, EatWell Meal Kits has been dedicated to evidence-based impact validation of this belief, both to better understand patient needs and improve product satisfaction, as well as to strengthen the body of research supporting Food is Medicine. 

EatWell’s impact goals align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly,

Our Team

Dan Wexler

MPH, MBA - Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Hall

MPH - Chief Operating Officer

Adriana Katekawa

MBA - Culinary & Education Director

Jenn Bingham

MPAS - Product Manager

Our Story


EatWell was founded by CEO Dan Wexler and COO Kevin Hall while Master’s students at the Harvard School of Public Health. They were joined by Michelin-trained chef and culinary health coach Adriana Katekawa as Culinary & Education Director. Initially incubated in the Harvard Innovation Labs, much of the development that led to EatWell’s current offering was born out of a community needs assessment with families in Mattapan and Dorchester, evaluating healthy shopping, cooking, and eating barriers, as well as meal kit impact. EatWell began selling directly to consumers at farmers markets and community centers. The time spent in local neighborhoods afforded significant insights into the challenges' food insecure populations face, the impact of EatWell’s solution, and the fit the meal kit and recipes had within a community member’s daily life.

Emergency Food Response

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, EatWell pivoted to emergency food response, recognizing the unique capabilities the organization possessed to solve multiple challenges, including the shortage of food at home and in grocery stores and the build-up of ingredients at restaurant suppliers. Working with support from local community organizations, state and federal grants, and the City of Boston through CommonWealth Kitchen's Common Table program, EatWell began distributing nutritious meal kits to the Boston area as early as April 17th, 2020. Through access points like churches and health centers throughout Boston, EatWell distributed more than 35,000 meals to in-need families. During this period, EatWell’s output grew exponentially and afforded the opportunity to refine the production process and efficiencies associated with creating high-quality, affordable meal kits.

Prescription Nutrition

By 2022, EatWell had been reborn as a prescription healthcare tool, serving eligible for patients via Mass Health ACO’s Flexible Services program. Many of EatWell’s early prescription pilots began with health centers they previously collaborated with for emergency food relief. During this time, EatWell also focused on collecting impact evidence, validating the benefits meal kits have on patients’ health and well-being. Today, while still providing nutritious meals to families struggling with food insecurity, meal kits are now purchased by health insurers who want to improve the health of their patients with preventive nutrition.

All of EatWell’s meal kits are made by production team members hired from food-insecure communities. Meal kits are produced in the heart of Dorchester, MA, at CommonWealth Kitchen.


Celebrating Diversity in Every Bite

Learn more about our approach to honoring traditional and local ingredients in our Cultural Competency Philosophy.

Flavorful, Evidence-Based, and Whole-Ingredient Meals

Discover our commitment to healthy and sustainable eating in our Nutrition Philosophy.


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EatWell is a social impact startup in Boston with the mission to make healthy eating more available in food insecure communities. This means improving access to fresh food and creating easy and delicious recipes with meal kits that can be prescribed to prevent diabetes, decrease food insecurity, and reduce healthcare spending.


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