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EatWell Community Kitchen takes patients beyond the meal kit, with videos providing step-by-step recipes and everyday tips to make cooking fast, easy, and enjoyable. You got this!

For Patients

Healthy cooking can be hard. New ingredients and cooking techniques can be intimidating, but what if you had a local chef guiding you through every step and teaching you some time-saving tricks along the way?

The skills you need for the recipes you love!

EatWell Community Kitchen is our online education platform that pairs your meal kits with short, how-to videos, where local chefs walk you through the recipes step by step, so you can make a tasty meal that you’ll be proud of. Our time-saving skills and tricks make you an expert, so you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time doing what you love. You got this!


videos specific to your EatWell recipes


chefs with time-saving tricks


tips you’ll use again and again

How it works

Receive meal kits as part of your regular EatWell program

Scan the QR code to access EatWell Community Kitchen videos online

Watch, learn, cook!

About our chefs

EatWell Community Kitchen’s hosts include professional and home chefs, dietitians, nutritionists, and other thought leaders from the communities we serve. By partnering with local teaching kitchens or filming in the everyday homes of our hosts, Community Kitchen videos are fun, diverse, and approachable!

For Providers, Insurers, and Health Systems

Provide the skills patients need for the recipes they love

Access to nutritious food is a great start, but do your patients know how to cook? Or how to incorporate healthy ingredients? Equip patients with the skills they need to learn how to cook healthfully and maintain sustainable healthy habits long after their nutrition prescription ends.
EatWell Community Kitchen complements our meal kit service, providing an online education platform where patients access culinary and nutrition education videos in a fun and supportive environment. Local chefs‘ lessons build patient confidence and self-efficacy in cooking and meal planning, so making a healthy meal becomes a sustainable habit. You got this!

A prescription resource

You can add on with meal kit enrollment

Experiential learning

Ensures skill building for sustainable behavior change

Local chefs

Provide educational, culinary, and nutrition content

How it works

Pro chefs, patients’ kitchens:

Patients enrolled in EatWell Community Kitchen receive online access to educational videos every week with their meal kits.

Learn by doing:

Each video features a recipe filled with cooking and nutrition tips, so patients can cook along in an encouraging environment with local chefs.

Life-long lessons:

Patients build sustainable healthy habits that lead to better health outcomes.