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The Dinner Dilemma

Life is busy

Making dinner takes time

EatWell dinner made easy

What if dinner was planned, delivered, and done in 30 minutes?





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EatWell’s Solution

EatWell delivers tasty meal kits right to your door so that dinner is quick, easy, and enjoyable.


Prescribed by your doctor and 100% paid for by your health insurance.


Recipes designed by a Michelin-trained chef based on suggestions from patients like you.


30-minute recipes and picture-based instructions get you cooking in no time.

At the end of a busy day, you can rely on EatWell for a home-cooked dinner everyone will love!


How it Works


Get an EatWell food security prescription from your local doctor or health center.


Get meal kits home-delivered every week with all the ingredients and seasonings you need.


Follow the easy instructions to cook a fresh, tasty dinner in just 30 minutes!

The EatWell Difference

Our EatWell Community Kitchen app offers cooking videos hosted by local chefs with tips and tricks to help you save time in the kitchen.


Click here to learn more about the EatWell Community Kitchen platform and how it can help you cook healthy meals with fun and diverse hosts from your local community.




meals served

4 out of 5 patients

are satisfied with the taste and flavor of the recipes

3 out of 4 EatWell patients

agree that meal kits improved their overall health


I don't have to worry when my food that I get with my food stamps runs out. I know I won't go hungry anymore. I used to go grocery shopping for 2 weeks just to wait for my food stamps to come or longer. You have made a big difference. God bless you always. Amen!

Very great experience that motivated my son to cook and eat healthier! We were excited to get the kits every Friday

The meal kits have helped me to make healthier recipes and more practical.

I learn new things for healthy meals for my children.


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