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What we do

our goal is making dinner easy.

EatWell delivers meal kits, complete with fast recipes and fresh ingredients.

Our fun, step-by-step videos build skills and make cooking a snap.

By partnering with managed care organizations, social care networks, health systems, and universities to prescribe our meal kits, we can ensure everyone has access to a nutritious meal.

Food Insecurity 

is a systemic issue and a healthcare problem

Patients often have circumstances that prevent their access to a fresh, nutritious meal, such as:

  • Access to ingredients
  • Time constraints
  • Knowledge of healthy recipes

EatWell addresses these common issues, all while helping patients pick up the skills necessary for lifelong healthy eating habits.


Our Solution: EatWell Meal Kits

Fresh Ingredients

Delivered right to your door

Logo EatWell Meal Kits

Easy Recipes

Done in 30 minutes

Delicious Meals

Flavors everyone will love

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How it works

EatWell’s Food is Medicine meal kit service enables payors to prescribe meal kits

to eligible members, enrolling them in weekly delivery programs.

1. Program Design

Health insurers or provider systems contract with EatWell to design a meal kit program to meet their population’s needs.

2. Patient Enrollment

Client enrolls patients into EatWell program.

3. Cook and Eat

Patients receive meal kits and education delivered directly to to their door to cook nutritious and delicious meals.

4. Impact Tracking

Clients receive analytics reports on population health improvement and cost savings projections.

The EatWell Difference

EatWell stands out with our innovative learn to fish approach, providing affordable, nutritious food alongside skill-building education to drive sustainable behavior change. EatWell’s Community Kitchen platform engages patients through experiential learning, offering an interactive experience making learning and applying knowledge easy and practical.

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The EatWell Difference

  • Low cost to
    health insurer
  • Clinically-tailored nutritious food
  • Education for behavior change



Food Pantries


Prepared Meals


Wellness Coaching




What Others Are Saying

Establishing the access to nutritional foods for our most at-risk clients was a goal that was well exceeded and managed by EatWell.

I purchase more veggies--the ones from the meal kits. I love celery in my food now.

The doctor gave me a list of healthy foods…. I didn't know how to cook them. EatWell taught me how to choose healthy foods and cook with them!




meals served

4 out of 5 patients

are satisfied with the taste and flavor of the recipes

3 out of 4 EatWell patients

agree that meal kits improved their overall health