Make Dinner Easy

EatWell Meal Kits make healthy eating more available to families living in food insecure communities.


Per Serving

fresh. easy. Affordable.


Frustrated with your current dinner situation?

Fresh food is expensive

There has to

be a better way...

Corner stores don't have nutritious ingredients

It's easier to get

greasy fast food

Recipes are confusing

and complicated

Grocery stores are far

Cooking takes forever

and makes a mess


EatWell Meal Kits is here to make dinner easier!

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Fresh food available right

in the neighborhood

Dinner is all planned out--everything is in the box

Fast recipes means more time to eat together

All in One 

Every meal kit comes with all the 

ingredients to make a hearty, 5 person 

dinner, including the oil and spices

All recipes cook in 30 min in

just one pot, to make cooking,

and cleaning, a breeze .

quick & easy

fresh & Delicious

Recipes are created by Adriana Katekawa, 

EatWell’s 2 Star Michelin Chef, based on the

taste preferences of the communities we serve

Affordable & Convenient


Per Serving

Meal kits are sold right in the community, cutting the commute to fresh 

food in half. CLICK HERE to see our schedule and find a location near you!

Our family sized meal kits cost only $15

to feed 5 people--only $3 per serving!

Everyone loves EatWell!

“EatWell taught me how to use healthy foods and cook with them!”

- Jolene, Dorchester Resident

"My four year old loved it!

EatWell makes it easy with all the ingredients."

- Latisha, Mattapan Resident

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Get involved

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