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CEO Dan Wexler Presents EatWell at the American Heart Association’s 7th Annual Foodscape Innovation Summit

CEO Dan Wexler was honored to share EatWell’s story and approach to alleviating food insecurity at the 7th annual Foodscape Innovation Summit, hosted by the American Heart Association in DC. The conference convened multi-sector food and nutrition leaders to generate innovative and actionable ideas to create and sustain nutrition security. In addition, it offered an excellent opportunity to connect with corporate and academic leaders in the Food Access space. 

The “Innovation for Healthy Food Access” panel featured EatWell and two other startups. We shared our belief on the importance of not just healthy food access but accessibility. Accessibility requires that the recipient knows how to easily incorporate healthy ingredients into their meals. Such a requirement highlights the importance of culinary education, like the kind we deliver with our EatWell Community Kitchen how-to videos. Accessibility also accounts for the cultural competency of food being provided, which is critical for having appropriate offerings for patients and maximizing uptake. At EatWell, we research and develop meals with flavors that reflect the preferences of the communities we serve. We believe our focus on “product-community fit” is crucial to our high recipe satisfaction ratings.
Throughout the conference, it was great to see the advancement of nutrition security as a term and concept. As opposed to food security, it considers the accessibility and sustainability of healthy food offerings alongside traditional food security factors!