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“EatWell Moves Through the Kitchen Like Ninjas”

Our mission is fueled in part by great partners such as CommonWealth Kitchen, our production facility in Upham’s Corner. Our Product Manager, Jimmy Cronin, works hard alongside EatWell’s production team to create the meal kits our patients love. This week we had the pleasure of receiving an acknowledgment from the Commonwealth Kitchen Manager: 

“EatWell moves through the kitchen like ninjas, accurately, quietly, and purposefully, no wasted time in the kitchen, and then they are gone, not leaving any evidence of their presence. Your work ethic, positive attitude, and follow-through are greatly appreciated in the shared kitchen space. Wishing EatWell Meal Kits and all its staff all the success in the future.”

This is a testament to the hard work and dedication that our production team puts in day in and day out. They believe in the EatWell mission wholeheartedly, which only fuels them as they work to create delicious meal kits for our patients to enjoy. Our production staff are the behind-the-scenes players, without which, EatWell would be nothing. We thank Betty, Julia, and Arturo for their smiling faces, relentless effort, and dedication to the mission, which we all work toward together!