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EatWell Advocates for Expanded Flexible Services Benefits with CMS Leaders

by Ricardo Moreno, Partnerships and Communications Manager

“It was a pivotal moment–to be in the room with such key decision makers and discuss pertinent policy expansion,” EatWell CEO Dan Wexler reflects on his meeting with heads of the Center Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Joining several other companies in a meeting organized by MassChallenge, Dan was given the opportunity to pitch EatWell to the executive-level staff at CMS, including Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Blum and Senior Advisor Joe Stone, among others. 

“CMS is currently developing guidelines for the renewal of Flexible Services, the key Medicaid program that allows for the provision of meal kits to food insecure patients,” Wexler said. “This policy has been a significant part of EatWell’s journey, and it was great to be able to communicate the impact and benefits the program has had for patients directly to the policymakers currently shaping its future.” 

While MassHealth has yet to announce revisions to its Flexible Services program renewal going live in 2023, EatWell is hopeful that revisions will include an expanded number of servings per week that food insecure patients are able to receive, as well as expanded coverage to provide nutrition support for all food insecure individuals in a household.