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EatWell Utilizes Patient Feedback to Continually Improve Meal Kit

At EatWell, a lot of thought goes into how to make our meal kits the best they can be for our patients. In this process, we survey those who eat the meal kits to find out what they liked about them and what they would recommend. This feedback is vital for improving our meal kits and ensuring we are meeting the needs of the populations we serve.

This surveying process is also enriching as we hear about how much people enjoy the kits. One individual said, “The doctor gave me a list of healthy foods…. I didn’t know how to cook them. EatWell taught me how to choose healthy foods and cook with them!” Someone else told us, “Loved my meal kit! Completely awesome. My children enjoyed cooking with me, plus we got to bond and reintroduce ourselves again! The black bean tortilla soup was awesome and tasted amazing!”

These kinds of testimonials are what makes working for EatWell special to me. We have shown that not only can we address food insecurity, but we can do it while creating a fun and delicious experience.

  • Jimmy Cronin, Product Manager