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EatWell and FIMMA Continue Exploring Food Is Medicine Metrics

by Ricardo Moreno, Partnerships & Communications Manager

Metrics are essential for determining the efficacy of programs, creating partnerships, and reporting to the State (for healthcare organizations). At EatWell, we make sure to understand many of these metrics to improve our ability to serve patients and healthcare organizations. 

Dan and Ricardo of EatWell are members of FIMMA’s Metrics working group. They have continued supporting the group in uncovering metrics that healthcare organizations and community partners use to measure their impact on the patients they serve. This research will evaluate FIM programs across organizations. Additionally, they promote the continuum of FIM services and more robust partnerships between care organizations and community partners. 

At this time, we’ve interviewed a total of 15 groups, including 6 Healthcare organizations and 9 community-based organizations. We are excited to continue analyzing the data and report our findings in the new year!