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Building a Healthier Future With Early Adolescent Cooking Education

by Adriana Katekawa, Culinary and Education Director

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you” – Robert Fulghum

This quote by Robert Fulghum had an impact on the way I see my kids’ education, especially when it came to healthy eating. Healthy eating is at the center of my work and something I am passionate about. So I have been trying to take the kids with me to the kitchen more often, even if it’s just to make them peel a fruit or to count baby carrots for their lunch boxes. 

Studies have shown that developing and applying cooking skills can have various health benefits, including diet quality (ingesting more fiber and nutrients, less salt, fewer calories), longevity, and weight control. As a result, researchers are increasingly using cooking-education interventions to improve health. The World Health Organization has even included cooking education as a strategy to prevent childhood obesity.

Our meal kits and educational platform are resources for a healthy diet and life-long habits. We also seek to encourage children to help cook a homemade meal and get more than cooking skills, but life skills, a sense of pride, achievement, and independence.