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"Finding healthy food—it’s just a barrier when you’re coming home, already tired, and worrying about bills.” 


the problem

 “I stop at McDonald’s because it’s cheap, and it’s on my way home from work” reflects Mona, mother of two, on preparing dinner.


Mona’s thoughts are all too familiar for families who live in food deserts, communities where fresh food is not sold, public transportation is sparse, and grocery stores are far. As a result, Mona and 40 million other Americans are food-insecure, having limited access to affordable, nutritious food​.

our mission

EatWell’s mission is to make healthy eating more available to families.
Our goals are to increase food security and improve community health with our affordable, nutritious meal kits.

our story

EatWell Meal Kits was founded in 2017 by students at the Harvard School of Public Health to make a nutritious, home cooked dinner more accessible to Mona and all families like hers. Our solution is a meal kit--a box filled with a 30-minute, 1-pot recipe and all the ingredients to cook a healthy dinner for a family of four. All the ingredients are in the box, and the only thing needed to cook and clean is one large pot. EatWell recipes are easy to follow, kid-friendly, and community informed, incorporating local preferences into nutritionally balanced meals, ensuring happy bellies and healthy bodies!

By staying true to our core values of affordability, accessibility, nutrition and being community informed, EatWell Meal Kits easily bests the competition.

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