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You got this!


You're busy.

We get that and planning a healthy meal

can take time you just don't have.

Problem solved!

With EatWell Meal Kits, making dinner

is quick, simple and enjoyable.

What is a meal kit?


In the box

In your meal kit, you’ll find all the

fresh ingredients you need -- in just

the right amounts -- to make a tasty

meal with big flavors.

Raw Vegetables

Out of the box

Just grab the recipe card and

follow the steps. Our easy recipes

will have you cooking out of the box

in 30 minutes.

Family Dinner

Check the box

At the end of a busy day,

rely on EatWell for a home-cooked

dinner everyone will love. It’s never been more satisfying to check that box and call it done... and delicious!

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